Dr  Melissa  Buttini   m.b.b.s  franzcog

​      Specialist Gynaecologist


Wesley Hospital Site Map: our building ​X is at the top left hand corner

on the corner of Chasely Street and Lang Parade

opposite the car park and over the road from the train station.

​Privacy Policy: We adhere to all Australian laws regarding privacy of patients information, and do not vary that policy ever. We know you will understand and respect our adherence to these laws which are designed to protect your privacy.  You can view our written Privacy Policy in house by asking the reception staff. We have instituted strict policies and procedures for preventing data breaches in order to comply with updated 2018 legislation.

Gynaecology Treatment in Brisbane Qld


Level 2, Suite 19

Wesley Medical Centre, Chasely Street, Auchenflower Brisbane QLD 4066 

 07 3371 1800

 07 3876 8872  (10 am to 5.00 pm Monday)

                           (7 am to 5.00 pm Tues-Thurs)

                           (Office is closed Friday)

For your maximum medicare rebate you need a referral from your GP dated on or before the consultation. This is a Medicare requirement.

BE SURE TO BRING IT, as well as your ultrasound and blood test results.

Bring your medicare card and private health insurance details.

Our receptionists will give you an expected quote for the service you have been referred for when you call to make your appointment.

We accept eftpos payment and are linked to Medicare so that you can be directly paid your rebate into your account if you have set this up.


Gynaecology treatment in Brisbane Qld